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Challenges You Face As A Traveller

Have you been thrilled about your excursion plans lately? It’s always great to have the same zeal as does a  5-year old. While the kid always has an elder to guide him and contain his excitement, you have this blog to help you with the nitty-gritty of things that must be kept in mind before you set foot on your another adventurous trip. I guarantee you that making a checklist including these pointers would turn out to be a wise step.

1. Over-equipped or under-equipped: a big deal

No matter how sincere you are, there’s always a lot to do before you comfort your itchy feet. Never overburden yourself with the unnecessary luggage. It turns out to be fatal when you are trekking upslope (speaking from personal experience). But lacking proper gears isn’t something I am advocating here. To strike off such possibilities, make a proper checklist of the essentials & stick to it.

2. Losing your valuables: it’s a nightmare, period!

A horror for any traveler, losing valuables could be the last thing on anybody’s mind while venturing the lesser traversed path. Stay vigilant and don’t compromise the security of your belongings. Your contact list must have the contact details of the police. To stay on the safer side you can get your valuables ensured. Hope you remember the parental advice given to you when you went to the boarding school for the first time. The message remains the same, don’t accept drink/food from an unspecified source or unknown person when you are on the foreign land. Lastly, remember that you are not the James Bond for sure, but there’s a specter surveilling you everywhere. So, don’t get into any form of antisocial activity that would land you in a trouble.

3. Food & water: stay cautious

Good food & clean water are the top priorities when you are considering health. An extensive research on  the trusted restaurants will give you some idea about the quality of food available. So, when you are planning your next itinerary, you must identify all the trusted restaurants in the region.

4. Handbags: big no!

Carry your essentials in a rucksack or backpack because that would help you walk freely. Remember that only your hands come to the rescue when you trip or become unbalanced while walking the trail. Set your hands free and enjoy the trek.

5. Insufficient local currency: coz wallets don’t lie

Having a fat bank balance, for sure, keeps you reassured. But never bank on it without keeping sufficient cash in your wallet. Running out of money on a foreign land without knowing much about the place is one of the most dreaded things you could think of.

6. Climate change: stay healthy

Easily to predict yet it makes you so vulnerable. As you travel places, weather switches frequently. You must travel completely prepared with your first-aid kit intact. Be good enough to endure the nature’s hostility any day.

7. Local language: they love native tongue

It’s highly recommended that you get hold of the keywords like hi, sorry, thank you, and please in the local language. It can get you quite a few local friends as well and depicts a good picture of you. Doesn’t it?

8. Local laws: knowledge never hurts

Different countries have a different set of rules which doesn’t change for anyone. It’s never wise to take foreign law in your hands. So, abide by the rules. Seeking counsel with a neighbour can also help you stay out of trouble.

9. Disease outbreak: quarantine yourself properly

Staying updated with the happenings and local news is the best way to avert this problem. Soon after you arrive in a foreign land, get yourself vaccinated for your safety. Stay alert, stay healthy!

10. Terrorism: stay updated

It has been one of the grave concerns the world has been dealing with lately. You better don’t even try to become a prophet. The only advice for you here is, abstaining from visiting such places

have taken down the notes. Have a happy & safe trip!

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