Classic Print for Men

Class is permanent, everything else is passing. Speaking of class & fashion, I’m reminded of the classic print that has upheld the belief of aficionados from decades. The classic print for men has been a big hit & has its own legion of fans worldwide. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that it makes the backbone of fashion industry & continues to thrive. Its impact is so eminent that every era had its own prophet preaching the world how to don one of the most promising prints ever. Style icons like Steve Mcqueen, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and George Clooney literally taught the world how to do justice with the classic print & look fashionable. Having said that, there are a few patterns that must be in your closet, and you’d not like to miss ’em for sure! 

Slogan Print 
A slogan is a perfect way to speak your mind. From revolutionary figures to witty one-liners, slogan print has always remained pick of the fashion enthusiasts. It fits for a casual hangout, but isn’t for formal meetings!


Retro Pattern 

Retro dates back to the golden 50s or 60s era when big checks and random pattern attracted quite a few people. It remained the primary selection of actors during those days & continues to be one of the most prominent periodic fads to have survived the test of time. Retro too is good for your parties & weekend trip with your colleagues.


The pattern boasts of bigger & brighter texture that keeps you in high esteem. Its soothing aura is a treat to any eye. From beach print to voyager theme, the floral carries a message with itself. You can bank on them for your upcoming beach party.



Of all the conventional patterns, stripped has been remarkable. The design has stayed just like Retro art & is easy to carry. Be it suit, shirt or coat, the striped pattern makes the solid dress texture. As regards the design, it comes in different patterns. Don it on the eve of your formal meetings and you will outshine other beauties around.


The print comprises of bright & luminescent color on clothes and gleams when exposed to fluorescent light. Today neon is synonymous with party & pub culture and is popular among youths. Slip on your favorite neon T-Shirt & get on the dance floor.


Embrace it, coz the trend you encompass is the trend you become!

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