A Beautiful Home In Ecosphere Spiti

Ecosphere Spiti: A Home Away From Home


Ecosphere in Spiti is taking sustainable tourism to another level. The world hangs by a thread and sustainable lifestyle is the only way out.

What could be a better way to preach it other than tourism, which congregates millions of people from across the world.

Tourism in India has seen a substantial jump in the past decade because of the way we have marketed ourselves; digitally would be more specific here.

This reminds me of sustainable tourism and farmstays which thrive in a completely organic environment and promote sustainable tourism in India.

Ecosphere is a social enterprise which has come up with is a collaborative effort by the local community of Spiti and other enthusiasts from different walks of life.

It aims to create local livelihoods and linking them to conservation and development, through a number of projects.

They are promoting the gorgeous valley in every way they could, thus making it a peaceful sojourn. Here’s how!

Responsible eco travel

Sustainable power generation

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Ecotourism promotes a visit to lesser traversed places, which also involves visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed areas awaiting to be explored. This kind of tourism also casts a least negative impact on the environment thus enabling more tourists in the region.

From being one of the most daunting trips for most of our travelers to being a carbon positive trip to creating additional livelihoods and revenues for the local communities, Ecosphere merges conservation, development, and travel holistically.

There are a few things that must be kept in mind like don’t cause discomfort to the local residents by photographic them without their permission and do not mess with flora and fauna that already exist there.

Focussing on the organics

One of the offices of Ecosphere

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Organic agriculture is but the traditional way of irrigation, something that has been here since the Indus Valley Civilisation and in Trans-Himalayan regions such as Spiti, it’s just a way of life. This region boasts of the best, be it a cultural heritage, an alluring moonscape or a rich biodiversity, Spiti is really very rich.

Ecosphere has reserved all the best-kept secrets and plethora of product range that rejuvenates mind, and body.

Traditional practices have enabled them to hand pick some of the most exotic and healthy fruits, herbs and crops.

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Conservation and enabling a sustainable future

Ecosphere promoting agriculture and wildlife conservation

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Among other things that matter, the Ecosphere provides energy efficient solar housing, livelihood generation, greenhouses, energy efficient housing, wildlife conservation- addresses issues of human-wildlife conflicts and improving livestock herding practices, waste management: reduction of plastic use, refilling and garbage management in villages, and restoration of centuries-old Dhankar Monastery.

A dedicated effort from a bunch of enthusiasts has ensured that Spiti valley becomes examples for every destination breeding life in hostile valleys and treacherous land.

Comfortable homestay

Homestays in Ecosphere Spiti

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Spiti is home to a 10,000-year-old Buddhist society that has its roots somewhere in Tibet & Ladakh.

Comfortable and beautiful homestays have been one of the highlights of Ecosphere. Altogether Spiti has homestays in Langza, Komic, Demul, Lhalung, and Dhankhar; villages that are perched at an average altitude of 4000 meters.

Most of them are a part of Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary- home to some of the rare and endangered wildlife species such as the Snow Leopard, Tibetan Wolf, Blue Sheep.

Flowers in the valley mainly bloom in the months of July & August and that adds a different hue of color to the landscape.

Quaint trails and rolling meadows interconnect these villages. These trails are recommended to experience a unique and authentic understanding of life in the valley.

Promoting traditional art and craft

Local Handicraft Promotion in Spiti

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Arts and crafts are the mirrors the society that  reflects the true spirit of a place. Despite being one of the toughest places to survive, with special mentions to winters, a variety of handicrafts and art depicting the sheer brilliance of the place, have come up in Spiti.

These things range from day to day household needs to religious artifacts and exhibit an impeccable level of quality.

Spiti is also home to some unique form of handicrafts such as Thangkas (paintings on silken canvas), Choksays (wooden carved tables), mane stones (carving on stones), Zama (mud craft), Lingzay (traditional shawls) and a whole variety of wool based handicrafts.

After knowing everything about Ecosphere Spiti, one thing is for sure, Ecosphere is taking responsible and sustainable tourism to another level. Let’s start contributing by doing anything that we can!

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