Happy Birthday My Cutie Pie!

Your lovely smile emanated countless emotions,

I found comfort in your clasp, & cuddle,

Your soft touch pampered our relation.

Your warm hug comforted me,

Your cheerful cry gave me elation.

I hated whenever you cried, 

But the soulful cry made positive dissipation.

I wondered how someone smiled so deeply after waking up,

Then you woke up, and enlivened us with smile dispensation.

Your gorgeous smile made me skip a heartbeat,

You turned into my obsession.

I found a perfect company in you,

You’ve become my prime attraction.

I cherish all the 365 days of your incredible journey,

Oh, you do have all my attention.

The world became a better place,

You are the reason behind this transition.

I picturise you in most of the things I do,

Boy, you are quite a source of my inspiration!

As you turn one today my heart knows no bound of ecstasy. Moreover, it’s just one year champ! Chachu-Betu are going to make memories together & will live amazing moments in time to come.

Happy birthday, baby! Chachu loves you. God Bless!

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