Indian Millennial Ladies: What makes them rock

The world is their oyster, and they are here to stay!


Millennials make the biggest workforce on Earth & they are decked with all the primaries i.e. good education, strong will power & are ready to take the world by storm.

A report from PwC titled ‘the Female Millennial’ confirms the arrival of millennial women, and particularly underlines the fact that India and Brazil are the frontrunners when it comes to confident and motivated women, which isn’t surprising, considering that both countries lead regarding high population counts.

The PwC report also mentions that over 50 percent of the workforce in India comprises millennials, as compared to a paltry 25 percent in the US.

But we’re focusing on the female millennials here. So, what exactly makes these Indian ladies lead the charts when it comes to professional and personal development? We tried to decode it in our way!

Roads less traveled

Women these days embark on individual journeys more often, journeys that propagate development & allow them to pursue a balanced work/life.

Rapid progression, a varied and exciting career and constant feedback are a few things that trigger their fancy the most.

In other words, millennials prefer a management style and culture that doesn’t follow the routine practice – one that nearly meets their needs

Natural Wanderlust

Travelling is the latest fad. For most of the millennials, the impetus lies in savoring the moment rather than just amassing the money, which makes wandering places a top-notch priority.

Consider Shivya Nath, a travel blogger who quit her job four years back. Today she has visited a handful of countries & is one of the most celebrated travelers.

You see meeting people, visiting places & relishing the wonder of nature is something that excites most of us. Work requirements & their will to explore areas have made it easier for women in India to travel on their own. It has led to being more independent, confident and versatile in the workspace as well.

Powered by technology

Millennials always had the luxury to grow up in the company of broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media.

Women, also nurture a knack for industrial activities & need instant access to information.

In fact, this happens to be the first generation to enter the workplace with proper homework & a better knowledge of an essential business tool. Indeed, they have proven to be highly productive than more senior workers.

Balance of work and personal life

A cluttered work & personal life is the last thing you would expect. It is another salient feature that puts working millennial women in a different league altogether.

When it comes to maintaining a fair balance between & work & professional life, they have conquered that front as well. Late marriages, independent living and a rejection of societal norms have only added to their professional growth and made them more equipped.

Too particular about the work culture

It is the work culture that defines a workplace correctly. In other words, the better the work culture, the feasible it is for the fellow contributors to work.

That brings us to the point that millennial women have been particular about the role & work ethics of the organization, which makes them a growing force in the workplace.

All said and heard, let’s admit that India millennial women have nailed it, and their attributes could be a lesson for many!

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