Take Care Of Your Beard

From what I know, the beard is a man’s best friend and they are meant to stay together forever. No matter what season it is or how rough a patch you hit, it would never turn its back on you and so must you. They say that a beard is a man’s prized jewelry and I couldn’t agree more with it! Beard has been enjoying a massive popularity these days which is evident from the current trend. It elevates a man’s form and is a perfect parameter to differentiate men from boys.

Factors instigating the beard trend

Considering things from a bachelor’s perspective, you very well know that a beard liberates us from the pain of regular shave,  which, in most of the cases goes up to three times a week. Having said that, I must admit that the fact that a beard requires detailed grooming with utmost care, but at least it won’t make you stand in front of the mirror, wielding a razor in your hand and patiently shaving off your facial hair.

Groom it religiously

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With great beard comes greater responsibility and leaving them unkempt cuts a sorry figure of you when you are out socializing. Therefore make sure that you keep the beard in shape after figuring out a style that goes with your face. Nurturing a beard requires a dedicated effort, because if left alone it won’t take long before you actually start looking sloppy. Therefore, you must master the art of grooming the beard before someone catches you unaware.

Here is the pro tip with the step-by-step illustration that would help you carry a great beard!

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For example, a round face needs a neatly trimmed beard with distinguished lines along the cheekbones & a slightly squared off the neckline. A narrow jawline would suffice if you are blessed with a long face. If you have an oval face, go on and try as many beard style you want to try. You have been blessed with a perfect face to wear any beard style.

Note: Hipsters are the kings with a mane. Don’t focus on trimming, just let it grow! 😉

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But all of these styles need proper grooming and regular conditioning. These few steps will guide you through the complete procedure one after the another.

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Why beard?

  • Because if you know how to shape it, a beard will always make you look presentable no matter how long it grows
  • Because it gives you a gutsy & rugged appearance
  • Because it makes you look matured and full of wisdom (At least my girl says that 😉 )
  • Because it belongs to you and won’t let you down
  • Because it shields your skin naturally and traps all the dirt, dust, and sunlight in it
  • Because it’s an escape from the daily headache of shaving. Not to forget, it gives that sharp edge & contour to your face

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Since you came in this world, you had this hormone inside you. Only after years they evolved and took the shape of a beard. The million dollar question here is, to carry or not to carry! Make your selection wisely, and believe me, you’ll get addicted to it.

Yes, it is here to stay.

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