Travel Myths Busted By The Hound

Some travel to seek redemption while some travel to revisit the purpose of their being, but I travel to absorb every moment. No matter where we go or how forbidden a path we take, we stick to the basics and in the end, the journey accomplished leaves a lasting imprint on our mind & soul.
Traveling is about taking a step further, and subsequently, everything falls into place. While planning an itinerary, I too had anxieties hiding in my mind but, I did well to address them aptly. Some of them were:

1. Time constraint
A cliché characterized by the procrastinators! Ask us and you’d know how we intend to travel places in the 600 km range from our residing place, which would take almost 9-10 hours to cover. If you are someone who’d trade his weekend with a trip to the hills, I bet it’d make the wisest decision ever. All you need to do is get your rucksack ready & set-off on the path to redemption. See thinking is such a waste of time.

2. Expense
Stay alerted, and you won’t have to pay a penny extra. Predicting the expense might not come easy, but that shouldn’t deter you much. Do your homework properly. If you are honest with your research, you can be assured of pulling off a budget trip.

3. Technology is must
It’s strange how we’ve tethered ourselves to gadgets. But let’s not call it a necessity without which a successful trip can’t be pulled off. Considering those people who traveled decades ago; they never they had the luxury of mobile phones or the company of sophisticated gadgets to guide them with proper maps & routes. We have no worries in admitting the fact that they could have faced similar challenges but still, they made it. Didn’t they? Similarly, you could also pull off a trip without banking upon a mobile phone or a laptop.

4. Advance Booking Ensures Comfortable Journey
A booking ensures well-planned trip. It adds to our convenience with a planned itinerary as you get the preferred seat or a hotel room overlooking the nature’s magnificence. But an unplanned trip never harmed anyone either. For the rugged wanderlust in you, the amenities barely count when you are out exploring the riches. At times, the last minute planning could also guarantee you a comfortable journey & a pleasant stay.

5. Planning the Itinerary
Random & unplanned itinerary also makes a wonderful trip. The fun element instilled by a random excursion could lead to some of the most remarkable experiences. Company of a couple of friends, a few clothes is all that it takes to accomplish a notable trip.

6. Proper gear is a must
Let me tell you in the first place that if you are up against some treacherous alley or a steep mountain peak, then you shouldn’t be looking up to this point. Otherwise, if you plan on taking a random trip nearby like we said earlier, places that are under 500-600 km range, then you could go ahead without thinking much about the proper gear. Relax, you will do good.

7. You have to quit your job to travel
It’s one of the most prevalent wrong notions about traveling. If you plan your weekends & holidays smartly, then there’s no way you have to quit your job to travel. 2-3 days are more than enough to pull off short trips. Good for you if you land yourself a job that enables you to travel places.

8. You must speak their tongue
This where your art of communication is tested. You could be a decent chatterer, but expressing yourself precisely counts. It doesn’t matter if you are well versed in their dialect till you convey the message.

We get introduced to these travel myths only after finding ourselves in a similar situation. Forget all the lengthy lectures highlighting the cons of traveling. There are travelers who conveniently pull off a trip because it makes for an ultimate escape from routine life. Just trust your instincts & step outside!

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