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Trends For Summer-Spring

Trend is an attribute of the new season. Every season arrives with a goodie bag for us, that has plenty of styles, trend lots fo surprises. Apparently, the trend you sport is the trend you become. The recently concluded Lakme & Amazon Fashion Week saw some impeccably crafted grabs for men and women hitting the ramp. A closer look led us to the designs that would be the toast of the upcoming season. Taking a closer look at the recently concluded Fashion Weeks, some of the trends stood out and are likely to rule the streets this season.

Trends for Men

Men command, they hold the reigns and are defined by the attire they don. To be the man of the moment, your clothes must be exceptional. It would not only make you an allure at parties rather it would also fill you with self-esteem and panache. Make no mistake and stay updated with the trend of the season.


Grey dress

Of late, Grey has gained the confidence of men and is truly a rage among men this season. They appear warm & epitomize elegant mild, good enough to deck up the man of the moment. Be it a party dress or a workout outfit, grey has won the curiosity of men all around.

Man Bun

Man Bun

Braids & beards have been here for quite some time and look like they are here to stay. The man bun, also known as a braid along with hipster beard is still ruling the trend charts & men have always been up for it. It projects you immaculately & always makes you feel good about it. What else could one ask for?

Sports Luxe

Sports luxe

In continuation of the previous, a bun or a beard doesn’t go easily with a lean frame & to push for an adept look we perspire & train ourselves harder. Work hard & play harder, and let your hood contain the charisma. Sports Luxe is one of the hot favorites & could be one of your go-to grabs for a casual getaway.

Classic White

Classic White

White stands for regalia & has been favorite of the royals. Scientifically, the white colored clothes keep the heat at bay. Be it any season, a designers’ affinity for white surely gushes out in the form of exceptional creations. This summer, adorn yourself with white linen & roam around with head held high. I would put my money on classic white.

Embroidered Suit

Embroidered suit

Suits & jackets are the must have for any official meeting or a formal get together. Persian embroidery & motifs have been around for quite some time, decorating the antiques & designer accessories. The presence of these classic motifs give a suit the most elegant appeal. A corporate meeting wouldn’t be a great place to display it but weekend show or a friend’s party could be some of the aptest places for you to flaunt it.

Floral Shirt

Floral pattern

Floral prints are here to stay & are one of those sections that give stylists plenty of room to explore. Not only does it depict you cool, it also pleases the eyes of the beholder. So, whose apple of the eyes would you become this season?

Trends for Women

Women being one of the finest creations ever, exude effortless charm & elegance around. Make no mistake; a lady’s wardrobe depicts her in the most efficient and subtle manner. Having said that, there are a few trends that stood out of the recently concluded fashion weeks.

Geometric Pattern

Geometric Pattern

We dreaded geometry in high school but the same complicated patterns look beautiful as it decorates our dress. The random mix of lines, circles, dots & triangles is pretty much on trend and you can proudly choose to flaunt a few of them.

Polka Dots

Polka dots

Polka Dot is one of the few patterns that have remained an integral part of design collections since the mid of 20th century and has been a designer’s perfect delight. Be it retro 60s, clumsy 90s or the chic 21st century, polka dots have adorned our wardrobes in various forms. True to their bubbly appearance, the dots have been a delight for men as well as women.

Wide-Legged Pants

Wide legged pants

What goes around comes around. The trend of wide legged pants justifies the belief, how fashion repeats itself. The golden 70s & 80s exemplified men’s bell-bottom trouser. Designers today have adhered to the same aesthetics with good & stylish modifications while designing wide legged pants for women. It looks clumsy, super relaxing & is currently a rage among women.

Tea-Length Skirt

tea length skirt

Tea-length skirt has remained of the attractions of won hearts & has given designer enough of space to exercise their grey cells. These skirts cover the length & get as attractive as it could! It goes along with round neck, scoop or bateau top with a subtle matching color. An ideal accessory for any outing, tea-length skirt is definitely a hot pick for your closet this season.

Cropped Jacket

Cropped Jacket

Jackets have been more of a topping on your favorite grab for the occasion and they make a strong style statement. Even the recently concluded fashion week saw models exhibiting some of the classiest cropped jackets in White, Pastel, and Denim. They make some of the most subtle combinations with the contrasting variation of legging, jeans or a formal trouser. Nevertheless, for an unplanned hangout, it goes along with you wide legged pant, a robe or maybe a dress as well. The choice is for you to make.

Trends are already here, what are you waiting for?

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