VC Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph Caliber 3500

While Harmony stands for Concord, the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande, caliber 3500 intends to spread dissent among the ardent fans of horological timepieces. To reason, you can accuse the charm that it dissipates!
To pay tribute to the 260 years of its impeccable service, VC has unveiled seven timepieces from its flagship collection ‘Harmony’. One of the prime allure of SIHH 2015, the VC Harmony pulls your attention with its contemporary cushion-shaped case.
Issued in limited edition, this watch draws its inspiration from the chronograph variation introduced in 1928.
The five calibers bearing the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva join forces with the art of shapes to create a remarkable sculpture on one side while the brilliance of Vacheron Constantin’s Harmony decorates the other.

The Harmony Ultra thin Grande complication chronograph is also termed as the world’s thinnest self-winding split-second chronograph.
The features include time display(quite naturally), power reserve indicator, automatic winding, and a split second (rattrapante) chronograph.
As regard it name called Grand Complication, it has left me a bit disappointed because I expected it to be an assembly of a minimum ten complications.

Seal of Geneva embellishes its temple (12 o’ clock of the dial). The finely made chronograph is indeed an assimilation of whooping 459 parts. The parts comprise of several cams, levers & gears that almost overlie each other or remain entwined with one propelling the movement of the other.
The peripheral rotor is another attraction of the watch that moves according to the mechanical movement without obstructing the front view.
Such rotors are not just fascinating but also pleasant to observe. Not ergonomically new, the peripheral rotor left a serious impression on watch fanatics when the technology made its comeback in Carl F. Bucherer debut, A1000 automatic movement. Power reserve of the timekeeper promises 51 hours of seamless working & is indicated by a power reserve indicator on the dial.

The sapphire case back flaunts its subtle movement while an insignia of Geneva bedecks its face.
Makers have claimed that the VC harmony has been under construction since 2008, which underlines the fact that the watch is an epitome of precision & excellence.
The dial bears a traditional yet remarkable appearance.
Detailing is impressive, but Vacheron Constantin isn’t trying to tread new ground with the aesthetics of the dial which are familiar yet noble.
While it does not bother me, I know people get irritated by the fact that the chronograph sub dials “cut off” the 3 and 9 o’clock hour markers.
Note that a pusher in the crown operates the mono-pusher chronograph, while the top pusher is used to activate or reset the split seconds chronograph hand.

The caliber 3500 houses the Marvel in a split second chronograph, which remains one of the few highlights of the sleek timepiece.
A split second chronograph’s name is taken along with the top watch complications as tourbillion or minute repeater.
It might not involve as many parts but remains a task cut out for skilled watchmakers even today.
On the wrist, the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph watch looks good even if you aren’t an avid fan of cushion-shaped watches.
The 42mm wide case wears nice and big with its 52mm lug-to-lug length. There are other Harmony collection models available in slightly smaller sizes than the VC Harmony.
Be that as it may, the watch has the traits of a typical crowd puller & can bring those who are not much of a VC fan.
VC Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph is restricted to just ten pieces in a perfect platinum case serving a harbinger to the blue alligator strap.
Of course, you get a smart box with an impressive loupe & letter signed by Vacheron Constantin’s CEO for the raging amount of money that you invest.
But it would challenge the man of steel in you to shell out $369,200 for the luxury-on-wrist.
Besides, you can be remain assured that you will pride yourself for making a selection as refined as the Calibre 3500, only if you are among the lucky 10.
You see money isn’t enough every time!

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