What makes travel the latest fad?


For a child, getting obsessed with the things that they fancy is normal. I still remember the times when I’d run haphazardly on the roof of our house after I returned from school. The kite flying session would last until the wee hours and a mere sight of a swaying kite would uphold my spirit. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a visibly small flying object would appear in the backdrop with a bold whooshing sound. Yes, it was a plane! Rumbling sound of the flying machine gave me eternal bliss and left me pulsating at the same time. At times, tripped & fell over randomly placed objects while trying not to lose it. My gaze would stay affixed until it faded into the colossal sky. That’s when I muttered to myself, I have to ride it and fly places.

I grew up, went to high school, then college & subsequently landed a job, and all this while I traveled across the length of the country. While traveling, I met diverse people & there were times when even a 50-hour train journey went in a jiffy.

Gradually our acquaintance with the Internet increased & so began our virtual tour to places. The breathtaking escapades & the call of the wild started tugging us towards them and the fantasy turned into fascination. The more we traveled, the stronger became our desire to wander often. Social media connected us to people from across the world & watching them travel & making traveling as their full-time occupation lured us into it. In other words, we were already Travelzoned! The thrill that traveling brought with it turned out to be phenomenal, plus people made a fortune out of it. 10 to 6 job turned into a cliché & most of us were already jaded with our routine life. The answer laid in the escape, the idea was pretty simple; through the medium of this blog, I’ve tried to come up with an explanation that reiterates my thought process.


  1. It keeps us close to where we belong

Long before the humans set foot on the earth, the earth was all about greeneries, mountains, rivers, valleys, and woods. No matter how boring a person you are, your soul would enliven upon the sight of lush green unscathed nature. The tranquilizing calmness & mild aroma of the cheering breeze pushes you into a zone of ecstasy. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that it keeps us close to where we belong.


  1. If you are good with camera & words, money travels along!

I’d rather term it a fancy turning into a full-time opportunity. As a kid, camera & photography rejuvenated me. Today the mere thought of holding a camera and capturing the beautiful nature stirs me to the core and the fact that I’d be paid for all the wonderful work makes me drool over the idea. Plus, if you are good at expressing yourself, you could be the man. Yes, travel blogging is the latest fad and it has quite a following from the millennial folks. There are brands out there who need someone to click beautiful pictures & write subtly about places & their supporting products along with the catchy paraphrase. The fact that you’d be paid an amount that’s on the higher side of most of the government job will tend to all the apprehensions of your parents.


  1. Life is happening & vibrant that way

At the end of the day, a man loves to see people around. While traveling you get to explore the diversities of life. As you traverse the lesser-traveled path & the irregular terrain, your negotiation speaks a lot about it. You come out with a grit driven self & push your limit to setup a new benchmark for your courageous self. As you meet different species and connect with them you bask in its glory & seek redemption.


  1. Discover valuables by meeting people of different race

The world is made up of humans of different races who follow their own way of life. There’s something peculiar about every other people we meet & that makes the learning curve for us. The diverse food habits, traditions, culture, fashion, language, and rituals make even those people interesting who barely know us. Our roots are a reminder of who we are, and what led to our glorious present. As you travel you come across monuments, souvenirs and places of relevance that enlightens us of our glorious past & the mighty ancestors who raised us. It instills plethora of positivity in & around us, and the world is even more beautiful.


  1. Stay healthy & in perfect shape

As you travel you would come to terms with the fact that Darwin’s theory about survival of the fittest wasn’t a hoax and it applies to every mortal equally. While traveling you’d come across dire situations like shortage of food supplies & adverse weather conditions. In addition to that, you may also face plenty of health issues. There are times when you are left to fend for yourself & all you have is a sack full of some essential stuff. During those moments, you have to tackle yourself smartly so that you not only survive, rather thrive.


  1. Train yourself the harder way

This is a task you must assign to yourself. A headache, nausea, and vomiting are common health issues faced by newbie travelers but if intend to be on a backpacking spree you must train yourself harder way. Generally, one must focus on the endurance & stamina because they make the backbone of any long trip, especially those covering good altitude. Also equipping yourself with proper travel gears would come as an asset to you.


The world is a big place & traveling brings us one step closer to knowing ourselves, profoundly.

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