Women Only Bar in Delhi

It Takes a ‘Theka’ to Cure Women’s Liquor Blues

God created humans & humans created bars where they decided who gets in & who stays barred. As it happened, males proclaimed themselves as the mightier creation. Alas! That was anything but reassurance.


Post creation, god conferred men & women with most of the things alike except for some of the vital body components. Taste buds & cravings were instated alike, but not everyone was allowed to harness them willingly.


As a result, women were subjected to stay off the limits in most of the instances. The one obstructed privilege being visiting a liquor store.


The good news:


So cheer up ladies! Here’s the good news for you. In a first, Delhi got its first ‘daaru’ mall dedicated to the females. Located in the heart of East Delhi, the star city mall distinguishes itself for the liquor store that serves exclusively to women.


A first look revealed the quirky interiors & fancy glass ensembles that the ‘theka’ houses, ably accompanied by the comfy couch laid aside. The message on pink stripe reads out aloud ‘exclusive section only for ladies’.


Considering the kind of suppressed life that most of the women lead, this sounds like a rejuvenated move coming from the stereotypical society. Right to equality & freedom are the two eminent clauses that flash at the top of the fundamental rights recognized by the Indian constitution & I don’t find ‘males’ being mentioned there. So, why restrict women from visiting ‘theka’?


Boosting the store’s women-friendly aura are female security guards & a 28-year-old sales representative, who feels more relaxed knowing the fact that she only has to interact with women.


“Lots of women come here looking for vodka, wine, and champagne. Some buy whiskey as well. Sometimes if they come with male companions they buy beer too. But girls generally prefer tequila,” she says, adding “tequila shot” with an extra grin on her face. Sales have so far been moderate, but the store owner believes that it’s just a matter of time before the pace starts picking up.

An insight:


The independent liquor stores are more of an arena where men love to outdrink themselves & then indulge in some pointless ruckus. And we live in a city where men get aroused at the sight of a 6-year-old kid to an 80-year-old woman, so there is no point arguing if a woman is safe while visiting these treacherous places.


The women only liquor store is a respite for them from the pervy & ogling eyes. It not only offers them a comforting retreat but also allows them to get drunk & still stay safe willingly. Unlike the regular stores where people elbow, shove & muscle their way in a desperate attempt to buy the bottle of their choice, the women-only store allows the luxury to browse through the section & pick one of their choices- an added luxury for those who don’t already know what they want.


What the store presently lacks, however, are pocket-friendly options, which has been a concern for many women. But at the end of the day, the women-only ‘theka’ is a giant leap towards the ideological boost of typical Indian mentality who enjoy leading a life inspired by western culture but are left wanting on many fronts.


So, let’s not deny them of their fundamental rights because they too have the privilege to drink & of-course, drink-independently.

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